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Nick Hennegan talks to Issy van Randwick, formerly of Fascinating Aida, about a festival at The Hampstead Theatre. Then (23 mins in) he visits Fitzrovia to talk about the Fitzrovia Centre and a charity event with Griff Rhys Jones.

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Nick joins Will Derham, writer of Lost Ireland, and the Crane family, publishers of the book and owners of the new Chiswick Book Shop, on the day of the book's UK launch.

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Nick Hennegan ventures to Park Street in London's Southwark, to watch a professional production of Hamlet - in a genuine Elizabethan Theatre UNDER a modern office block!  Artistic Associate Suzanne Taylor explains the remarkable story of how a group of actors and well-wishers managed to change the law in the UK a few years ago - and the future for the first Elizabethan Theatre on London's South Bank.

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On Valentine's weekend, Nick Hennegan descends on the Raven Pub in Hammersmith, London W6.  It's late at night, but the locals like an eclectic mix of music and poetry, including Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Robbie Burns, Bryan Ferry, Annie Lennox, Lord John Wilmot, William Shakespeare and more.

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Nick Hennegan talks to Fiona Rule about her new book, 'Streets of Sin - A Dark Biography of Notting Hill.'  Not just Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant but the Murders of John Christie, notorious landlord Rachman and a fascinating and colourful history of a special area of London!

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Nick Hennegan's Christmas show on London Art station, Resonance Fm, featuring Dylan Thomas reading his own 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' an unusual Charles Dickens Christmas ghost story, your requests and music from Cerys Mathews.

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You may have heard of the Royal Academy in London. The RA is for painters. So what is the British Academy all about? Nick Hennegan battled through Mulled Wine to find out for Literary London!

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A crime fiction novel with a difference.  The hero Detective is a carrot assisted by humans and a couple of fruits!  Matthew Redford has written an unusual story and talks to Nick about being an accountant and a proud Bermondsey boy!

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Join Nick Hennegan live at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Fitzrovia, London for the launch of a 'new' poem by Dylan Thomas. With Hilly Janes, Jeff Towns, Dylan's son-in-law, Trefor Ellis and actor Celyn Jones who wrote and performed Dylan in the film 'Set Fire To The Stars' with Elijah Wood.  And Dylan Thomas himself!

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Nick Hennegan travels to Bloomsbury to talk to about the Bloomsbury Festival, 2015.  He's joined by new Festival Director Kate Anderson, Programmer John-Paul Muir and an old friend of the podcast, writer Louisa Tregus who is celebrating the first birthday of her book, The Lodger.

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