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Since its creation over 40 years ago, London's Freedom Pass concessionary travel scheme has continued to grow in popularity and there are now over 1 million registered holders. Whether a fruit picker or forager, a rambler or angler, or simply someone who enjoys the quirky charm of a local pub, Bradt's new Freedom Pass book is the perfect read to help you get the most out of your Pass. Featuring 25 walks and days-out for Freedom Pass holders, the guide covers an area up to 25 miles from central London, all easily accessible by train, tube or bus. The authors, Mike Pentelow and Peter Arkell, are keen ramblers who can count walking the entire length of the Thames amongst their many adventures. Long time London residents, they are both members of numerous local organisations and societies and take Nick Hennegan on the Literary London Tour.  Part One. See

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With nearly 50 years experience in the newspaper industry, journalist James MacManus became a novelist.  His latest book, Sleep In Peace Tonight, is a story of drama and romance, but combines truth to bring the London of the Blitz to life. Churchill, Roosevelt and his special envoy, the now forgotten Harry Hopkins, all star.  James talks to Nick Hennegan about the book, his career and how he misjudged Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe.

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Author and internet entrepreneur Joanna Penn joins Nick Hennegan to talk about self-publishing, changing careers, Harry Potter and the joys of creative self-employment.

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At the end of the Dylan Thomas centerary, Nick Hennegan talks to the creators of the 'Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival', Griff Rhys Jones and Dylan's Granddaughter, Hannah Ellis.  We talk about Dylan Thomas' legacy, copyright of his work, a proposed Dylan Thomas Day and a new foundation and how Dylan was an academic 'outsider.'

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Nick Hennegan talks Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas to James Albrecht, Creative Director of the St James Theatre and actor Rhodri Miles who plays both characters in his one man shows.  Jeff Townes joins in the conversation from the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea and talks about the excitment of successully bidding £120,000 at Sotherby's for the newly discovered Dylan Thomas notebook!

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Nick Hennegan talks and plays tracks from Soho writer and performer Celine Hispiche's 'Tiger Woman and the Beast' - a new musical about the late Betty May. 

See Literary London.

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Writer and producer Nick Hennegan is joined by Juila Bell, writer and creator of the Birkbeck Creative Writing Programme, Dave The Hat, of 'In Yer Ear' fame, and first time novelist, Radio Luxemberg DJ Bob Lawrence. They talk self publishing, an authentic voice and read extracts from their books.

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Hilly Janes - daughter of artist Alfred Janes who moved to London with Dylan Thomas in the 1940's - talks about her new book 'The Three Faces of Dylan Thomas'. Also joining Nick Hennegan is Geoff Haden, ower of the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea, Wales.

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Nick Hennegan visits comedian and producer Griff Rhys Jones' kitchen! From his home in Fitzrovia, London, Griff talks about Dylan Thomas, Fitzrovia, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester and the highlights of his centenary Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival. 

This is the unedited version of the Resonance 104.4FM 'Literary London' Friday at 7pm radio show.


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Nick Hennegan talks to Fitzrovia writer Sue Blundell, director Katie Merritt and the cast about Sue's new play, '189 Pieces'.  It's about the 2,000 year old Portland Vase. The play premiers at London's British Museum.

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