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Hilly Janes - daughter of artist Alfred Janes who moved to London with Dylan Thomas in the 1940's - talks about her new book 'The Three Faces of Dylan Thomas'. Also joining Nick Hennegan is Geoff Haden, ower of the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea, Wales.

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Nick Hennegan visits comedian and producer Griff Rhys Jones' kitchen! From his home in Fitzrovia, London, Griff talks about Dylan Thomas, Fitzrovia, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester and the highlights of his centenary Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival. 

This is the unedited version of the Resonance 104.4FM 'Literary London' Friday at 7pm radio show.


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Nick Hennegan talks to Fitzrovia writer Sue Blundell, director Katie Merritt and the cast about Sue's new play, '189 Pieces'.  It's about the 2,000 year old Portland Vase. The play premiers at London's British Museum.

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This week Writer and Director Nick Hennegan is joined by Louisa Treger on her debut novel The Lodger - a biographical novel about author Dorothy Richardson, and a great London story.

 Dorothy was a peer of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Set, and pioneered the new style of fiction which became known as stream of consciousness. She was the lover of H. G. Wells, as well as a feminist and bisexual, at a time when this was extremely taboo.

 Louisa herself is an expert on Dorothy, having written her PhD about her – Louisa discovered lesser-known Dorothy while initially researching Virginia Woolf.

 Nick is also joined by The Saison Poetry Library's Assistant Librarian, Pascal O’Loughlin from London’s Southbank Centre to talk about a new, FREE, Poetry e-loan scheme.

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Former 'Eastender' Marc Elliott and former Dr Who actor Caroline Morris join Nick Hennegan in the first show after the summer break to talk about Scotland, writing and Patrick Hamilton's Hangover Square.

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