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Nick Hennegan celebrates Christmas in Soho with some of the artists past and present who live and work there.  Includes the fab Christmas in Soho song with Dusty O and The Soho Cares Singers, Guy Masterson with Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales and the Pogues, A Rainy Night In Soho.  And Nick may relent and play that other famous Pogues Christmas tune!

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Join Nick Hennegan for Christmas in a London Pub.  With music and poetry from Cerys Matthews and new music from Robb Williams' acclaimed score from the new theatre production of A Christmas Carol.  Nick also has late-night reminiscences with local Londoners from Hammersmith, Ireland and Notting Hill.

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After 32 years, Gerry O'Brian is hanging up his beer glasses. On his last night at his beloved The Churchill Arms in Kensington, London, Nick Hennegan joins Gerry and locals, journalists, brewery workers and rowdy regulars for an emotional night in a London pub.

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William Blake, Jah Wobble, Counting Crows, William Wordsworth, Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton and others! Nick Hennegan presents another Summer literary and musical mix-up.

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We've celebrated the Summer Solstice recently in the UK.  In response to numerous emails and other requests, writer and presenter, Nick Hennegan has complied an hour of poetry and music special to him. See more details, and why he made this selection, on the website podcast page at



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On the occasion of International Dylan Thomas Day, co-ordinator and poet Mab Jones talks to Nick Hennegan about the day.  And has some great insights and advise about how to live as a poet and writer in the modern world!


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Alan Ginsberg was one of the seminal American 'Beat Poets' of his generation.  Nick Hennegan looks at his life and plays some rare recordings - including the once hugely controversial poem 'Howl' 

Nick Hennegan


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Celebrating St Patrick's Day, Nick Hennegan introduces interviews from the past about famous Irish Writers Brendan Behan, Patrick Kavanagh and Sean O'Casey.

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Nick Hennegan looks at Anthony Burgess' most famous work - A Clockwork Orange - with a podcast from the Anthony Burgess Foundation and music from the Stanley Kubrick film. First broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM - London's Art Station.

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Nick Hennegan celebrates the centenary of the birth of Anthony Burgess - with two guest podcasts! One from the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and another featuring the author himself reading the first chapter of his most famous hit  'A Clockwork Orange'.



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