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Author and internet entrepreneur Joanna Penn joins Nick Hennegan to talk about self-publishing, changing careers, Harry Potter and the joys of creative self-employment.

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At the end of the Dylan Thomas centerary, Nick Hennegan talks to the creators of the 'Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival', Griff Rhys Jones and Dylan's Granddaughter, Hannah Ellis.  We talk about Dylan Thomas' legacy, copyright of his work, a proposed Dylan Thomas Day and a new foundation and how Dylan was an academic 'outsider.'

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Nick Hennegan talks Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas to James Albrecht, Creative Director of the St James Theatre and actor Rhodri Miles who plays both characters in his one man shows.  Jeff Townes joins in the conversation from the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea and talks about the excitment of successully bidding £120,000 at Sotherby's for the newly discovered Dylan Thomas notebook!

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Nick Hennegan talks and plays tracks from Soho writer and performer Celine Hispiche's 'Tiger Woman and the Beast' - a new musical about the late Betty May. 

See Literary London.

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