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The Fitzroy Tavern is the legendary pub that gave its name to Fitzroiva - the bohemian centre of London W1, just north of Oxford Street.  Between the wars Dylan Thomas, Augustus John, Betty May, Nina Hamnet were all regulars, as were Bud Flanagan, Tommy Cooper, Walter Sickert, Ralph Reader and the last Hangman in England at various times in its history!

Sally Fiber was born in the pub and talks to Nick Hennegan about her autbiography of the establishment.


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Charles Dickens, Dylan Thomas, Alan Bennett, Kingsley Amis, George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf - just a few of the writers who loved and lived in the London Borough of Camden.  Archvist Tudor Allen joins Nick Hennegan to talk about the origins of the Fleet River, Holborn and the pubs of Withnail and I!

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